Nature spirits

Nature is filled with spirits who are responsible for different areas – lakes, ponds, rocks, trees and so on.

lammen_neitoWater spirits are the most powerful of nature spirits, especially the spirits of stagnant waters and the rapids. They are used for healing and other rituals. Water spirits form a family: Ahti, the golden king of waters, Vellamo, the Lady of Waters, and their sons and daughters. They are asked for pure water to treat the sick. There are also water warriors, swordsmen that can be summoned from ponds, swamps or wells.

Spirits of mountains and rocks are the second strongest ones. They are summoned by shamans from inside the mountain or from under a cliff or rock.

Earth spirits are the spirits of the soil, the fields and meadows.

metsanhaltijaThe main spirit of the forest is Tapio, King of Forest, and his wife Mielikki. They are responsible for the trees and forest animals. They have a large household with lesser spirits who take care of plants and trees.

The forest spirits, together with other spirits, can be called to strengthen the power of the shaman in any situation. The mage raises the spirits with specific spells.

Forest spirits can be asked to help a hunter in the woods to catch prey.

Images by Tero Porthan, text by Tiina Porthan