Vipunen, dead wizard in Tuonela River

Wise Wipunen, wisdom-singer,
Ancient bard, and great magician,
With his magic songs lay yonder,
Stretched beside him, lay his sayings,
On his shoulder grew the aspen,
On each temple grew the birch-tree,
On his mighty chin the alder,
From his beard grew willow-bushes,
From his mouth the dark green fir-tree,
And the oak-tree from his forehead.

Antero Vipunen is a great wizard lying dead in the River of Tuonela. He has become a part of nature, plants and trees growing from his body. All the wisdom and spells he knows are gone with him.

The wizard Väinämöinen needs three words for a spell. He travels the long way to Tuonela, on roads covered with sharp edges of swords, hatchets and needles.

Väinämöinen reaches him and wakes him up with a spell.

Finally he gets the missing words from him to make his spell complete.


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