Dead Shaman Vipunen

Antero Vipunen is a great wizard lying dead in the River of Tuonela, Land of the Dead. He has become a part of nature, plants and trees growing from his body.

All the wisdom and spells he knows are gone with him.

The shaman Väinämöinen manages to travel to him, wake him, and get the missing three words from him to make his own spell complete.

Wise Wipunen, wisdom-singer,
Ancient bard, and great magician,
With his magic songs lay yonder,
Stretched beside him, lay his sayings,
On his shoulder grew the aspen,
On each temple grew the birch-tree,
On his mighty chin the alder,
From his beard grew willow-bushes,
From his mouth the dark green fir-tree,
And the oak-tree from his forehead.


Images by Tero Porthan, text by Tiina Porthan