Goblins (Hiisi)

The goblins, Hiisi, have forged a horse inside of a mountain. It is made of steel and iron. It can climb the steep mountains of the underworld

From Hiisi take a horse,
from the mountain choose a foal.
A good horse lives in Hiisi’s place,
a black-maned horse among the Fells,
for one that can hold the reins aright,
for one that driveth skilfully
in iron harness,
in copper driving gear.
Its head is made of stone,
in copper is its body cast,
its back is made of steel,
of iron are its legs built up,
its muzzle scatters fire,
its legs spirt sparks.
Its hoofs slip not upon the ice,
its legs crack not against a rock,
e’en on the air’s slippery path,
even of Kalma’s icy track.
Magic Songs of the Finns

In banishing spells, wizards summon the Horse of Hiisi to bring the banished creature to the World Beyond, especially the Mountain of Pain in Tuonela.

The fiery basin of the goblin is filled with cinder, ash and fire, burning hot in the smithy inside a mountain.


Wizards banish witches, pains, diseases, worms into the basin, summoning the goblins to push them inside, burn them and boil them to pieces.

The powerful Hiisi blacksmiths forge swords inside mountains. They have forged their own horse out of iron and steel.



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