The Guardian Spirit

When the wizard raises his Nature before battle, it means self-strengthening, collection of courage, achievement of a certain state of mind, a kind of trance.

The wizard’s Nature belongs in the realm of the dead, it is his double, his guardian spirit, his shadowy doppelganger, his counterpart in the afterlife, in the world of the Beyond, which is raised to help him in challenging situations.

The wizard speaks to his Nature, telling him to rise from a grave, from underneath a tree or a rock. While reading the spell, he may turn over rocks and roots. His Nature is described as kalmalainen, of Kalma’s folk of the dead.

The Nature will rise wearing a hat and mittens in his hands, with brilliant eyes, spotted cheeks, hard as stone, tough as iron.

Arise, my Nature, reliantly, awake,
O Genius (haltia) of my life,
from under a tree, O Brilliant Eyes,
from under a flag, O Spotted Cheeks,
my Nature that is hard as stone,
my hair that is tough as iron.
Magic Songs of the Finns



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