Syöjätär, the Devouress

Suoyatar once let her spittle
Fall upon the waves of ocean;
This was rocked by winds and waters,
Shaken by the ocean-currents,
Six years rocked upon the billows,
Rocked in water seven summers,
On the blue-back of the ocean,
On the billows high as heaven;
Lengthwise did the billows draw it,
And the sunshine gave it softness,
To the shore the billows washed it,
On the coast the waters left it.

Syöjätär, the Devouress, was born from a child that Loviatar, hostess of Northland, tossed into water.

Syöjätär herself is the mother of many creatures of the Beyond. She gives birth by spitting in the water. From her spit were born the snake, the frog, the lizard and Kuolatar, mother of wolves. She has breast-fed Pakkanen, the Frost, into a powerful force from the North.




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