Tuonetar, the Deadland hostess

Tuonela_TuonetarTuonetar, hostess of Tuonela, Land of the Dead, offers the living who enter Tuonela, a pint of snakes, worms and lizards.

She tucks them into a bed of snakes and tries to prevent them from leaving.

Tuonetar, the death-land hostess,
Ancient hostess of Tuoni,
Brings him pitchers filled with strong-beer,
Fills her massive golden goblets,
Speaks these measures to the stranger:
“Drink, thou ancient Wainamoinen,
Drink the beer of king Tuoni!”
Wainamoinen, wise and cautious,
Carefully inspects the liquor,
Looks a long time in the pitchers,
Sees the spawning of the black-frogs,
Sees the young of poison-serpents,
Lizards, worms, and writhing adders.