Pain Girl

Kiputyttö (literally Pain Girl) is the Maiden of Pains who receives and gathers pains that wizards have sent to the Mountain of Pain (Kipuvuori). She cooks the pains in a kettle and pours them into a hole in the Mountain, leading nine fathoms deep into the cellars of the Mountain of Pain.

If she does not get pains, she suffers from pain herself.

A kettle is owned by Kivutar,
the daughter of Väinö has a pot
in which she boils up pains
in the middle of the Hill of Pain (Kipu-mäki),
on the summit of Mount Suffering (Kipu-vaara).
At the hill’s centre stands a thorp,
in the middle of the thorp a field,
in the middle of the field a spring,
in the middle of the spring a stone
with nine holes in it,
bored with a borer,
with an auger drilled.
The centre hole is nine fathoms deep
and into it the pains are flung,
the dreadful sufferings are thrust,
the dangerous wounds are cast by force,
the calamities are pressed,
so that by night they cannot act,
so that by day they can’t escape.
Magic Songs of the Finns


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