Loviatar and Birth of Diseases

Loviatar of the Northland is the mother of diseases, beasts and witches. She is depicted sometimes as Louhi or Mistress of Pohjola, the ruler of Northland, a powerful witch, and sometimes more like a supernatural being, a nature elf; wife of nature, solid wife; beautiful wife; nature-wife, old wife, strong wife.

Loviatar lays on the ground and the north wind impregnates her. After a long and painful preganncy she gives birth on a rock in the water. She gives birth to nine boys,  “evil foetuses”, “nasty children” and name them diseases: gout, scab, colic, tooth worm, injection, abscess, pox, fever, rigors.

She also gave birth to a tenth son, found no name for him, and tossed him into the river. Often the tenth child is mentioned to be a girl, from whom originated witches.

Loviatar has also given birth to the wolf, bear and lynx, as well as frogs, dogs, frost and nightmares.





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